Friday, September 30, 2005

GradeQuicking at Home

Taking Gradequick home for grading involves several high-stakes steps. Print or bookmark the following to ensure you don't miss any!
  • Get the GradeQuick install CD from Chris Eagan or Joshua Farber.

  • CHECK-OUT your class gradebook files on to a disk or removable media:
    a) Insert disk or card into computer.
    b) Open GradeQuick.
    c) Go to File: File Management: Check Out File to Disk
    d) Move ALL your files from the left column to the right column by hitting the >> button.
    e) Use the "browse" button to select the A drive (or your removable media) as your Check Out directory.
    f) Click OK.

  • Go home! (Don't forget your disk!)

  • When you get home, install the software with the CD.

  • CHECK-IN your gradebooks from your disk:
    a) Open GradeQuick.
    b) Go to File: File Management: Check In GBK File.
    c) In the pop-up box, use the "browse" button to select the A drive (or your removable media).
    d) Select all files by hitting the >> , and then hit the OK button.

  • Grade with impunity!

  • Before you return to school, CHECK-OUT your changes to your DISK or removable media.

  • When you return to school, CHECK-IN your changed gradebooks BEFORE you open any files.

Once you've followed this process, you should not need the gradequick software CD anymore, but file the CD away at home just in case. However, always Check files out of your school computer before making changes to grades at home, and check them back in when you return!


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