Friday, September 15, 2006

From Screen to Page
WMS Printer Protocols 2006-2007

Pretty soon, we will each have the following network printers installed on our computer:
  1. the copier in the faculty room
  2. the color laser printer (WMS_Lab2_CLJ3800)
  3. the black and white lab printer (WMS_Lab1_4250)

The faculty room copier should be set as your default printer. PLEASE do not change this setting! This copier is the cheapest to maintain, especially for multiple copies.

The black and white lab printer (Lab 1) is in the back of Lab 1. It can be used as a back-up if the faculty copier is down, and may also be useful if you are bringing a class down to a lab for project work.

The color laser printer (Lab 2) was a teacher appreciation gift from the PTO. As discussed at our recent faculty meeting, we have placed the color laser printer in Lab 2 (just inside of the door) because we believe such placement is the best way to ensure the best support and guidance for all your printer needs.

The color laser printer prints beautiful, almost photo-quality 8.5 x 11 documents, and can print an entire class worth of Microsoft Publisher brochures in about a minute!

HOWEVER, ink for the color laser printer is VERY expensive -- it requires four different ink cartridges, and each costs well over $100.

In order to ensure that these resources remain available for all of us all year, we are asking all teachers to use the following protocols when printing.

WMS Printer Protocols, 2006-2007

1. Please make good choices about when and whether to print in color!

2. Please print all rough drafts in black and white wherever possible.

3. DO NOT have students print directly to the color printer. Instead, to collect and print multimedia and student projects:

  • Create a TURN-IN Folder for your project in the appropriate place on the student network. (For example, Mrs. Phelps might make a turn-in folder for her first writing assignment at
    H:/Firebolts/Mrs. Phelps/A Block/Project1_TurnIn.)

  • Show your students where to save their final work. (I usually write the network path on the board.)

  • When the turn-in date arrives, for easy, "one-step" printing:

    1. LOG IN to the network as YOU.
    2. OPEN “My Computer”, open the network folder marked “student on WMS,” and navigate to the appropriate turn-in folder.
    3. CHECK the folder to make sure all student work is there.
    5. PRINT!

4. Feel free to send students down to the lab to pick up your printed documents, or come get ‘em yourself -- but please don’t leave your printouts overnight!

5. Unless you make previous arrangements, please do not print sensitive documents to the lab printers – students may be watching!

6. If you wish to print to a special kind of paper (transparencies, card stock, photo paper, labels), please check in advance to make sure the printer will take it! You’re welcome to leave your paper with Joshua or Lorry beforehand, and then call (or send a student down) when you're ready to print so they can load the paper into the printer for you!

7. Got printer woes? Can’t connect? Now that you can print and access your documents from any computer in the building, your short-term solution may be as close as the room next door! Don’t forget to fill out that tech support request forms...


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